Pizza Pool Party

Our precious little girl, turned 7 this week. Party time! With lots of beautiful presents from all over the world. The good thing of having your birthday midweek is that you get to have cake twice!
A rainbow of fruit filled sponge cake, with your present on top.
And a cake that you get to decorate to your hearts content with your best friends for your party.
Edible play dough (almond flour, honey and a drop of food colour) was a hit, just like the pool. Irresistible, with a 36 degree day.
While we’re (im)patiently waiting on the neurologist with test results, I only let myself live day to day. Not knowing and not wanting to think about what the future holds in store for Sophie.
Just now, this moment, is all that matters for now.

I finally put the finishing touches on her pillow case, made to specific wishes of miss Sophie. She picked out all the fabrics for it and made the design. While singing her favourite song:
“Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds pegasus fly, and the dreams that you dreamed of, dreams really do come true.”
 That double oven was pumping out pizzas in no time!



So exciting, we’ve been had the fencers over! 
They’ve replaced the boundary fence at the front. It was barely holding up, most posts are rotten and once the first post crumbles, it will be domino from there!
An internal fence, further down, was held together with cable ties, it didn’t had a functional gate either, which often meant I was catching horses at the back of the forest, their favourite place for the afternoon, when the farrier was coming. 
And new gates, lots of them, because most weren’t much better then the one you see above.
Just perfect!
A beautiful gate that opens without dragging and a fence that will keep the hoofed girls in,
no a doubt.
Sander’s birthday present: a gate towards the walking track; for bikes, prams and mowers.
This gate is on kangaroo highway, I’m sure this one won’t crumble when they accidentally hit it.


Ups and downs

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here, life has been a little crazy with some ups and downs.
Such a busy time of year too! But going for a walk with the animals, chooks excluded, is a great way to give the mind a break, to just be.
That time of year where the Xmas orders start rolling in.
With $2.50 for every jar/bottle sold going to the local womens shelter, it’s a great fundraiser too.
I even have someone wanting to match the amount raised!
Love to see more of these! Need a hint what this will grow?
Pretty flowers coming out of hiding spots.
Sophie being admitted again for more tests.
It’s still a waiting game for us.
Turning 75 together (35-40)
Little monkeys ready for mischief
Sick days, stitches, life is never boring but certainly messy.
A visitor in the veggie garden. A friendly red belly black, dragging a green frog with it
Tyson is a big sook. Thunderstorm make him a quivering mess. We try to do as much as we can to keep him comfortable, but November (thunderstorm month) is not his favourite time of the year. When a storm hit with hail, he bolted. He was found the next morning, 20km away on the other side of the river, I don’t want to think how he got there, that river is huge.
But he now has his own tag/medal. Or as Alex said: “Tyson is a winner!”
Pinching my breakfast, the highlight of David’s morning.
Trying to go out every weekend, doing some simple family things. Like going to the park.

Bounty from my friends garden (the other basket still inside). I managed to sell most of them as a addition to my own stall. Thats another $100 raised of the womens shelter!
My stall at Valley Made market this year, what a day!
My new oven just got delivered:
A double oven, for more efficient baking days. 40kg a week is just too much for a normal oven!
"Stop screaming Alex, it’s just a baby huntsman.”

Jacaranda Purple

Our home town, Grafton, has a 3 week festival each year, in honour of the flowering jacaranda trees. The whole town turns purple, because there are jacaranda trees everywhere you look!
These photo’s were made on Jacaranda Thursday, for most, the highlight of the festival, a public holiday. Markets, purple ice-cream, rides and lots of fun activities.


Little Rays of Sunshine

After a harrowing week with Sophie’s epilepsy, the arrival of our newest family member, Laura, was like a ray of sunlight. David is no longer the baby/youngest of the family! Not only our lonely horse, Moony is happy, the kids are very much in love with her. She’s like a little puppy, wanting to follow you everywhere, coming for cuddles, splashing through the waterholes. In another years time, breaking her in will be easy.
 More bananas!
 Splashes of colour throughout the garden, such mood improvers!
 Pretty peas

 Zucchini overload coming up

Having a break at the river, the BMX track was sweaty work!


School Holidays

Little Moon Dancer (Moony), being the perfect kids pony for our youngest two. When David sees her, the only thing he want is “up!”. Then whinging all the while when Alex gets his turn.
The fences are holding, a large part and all the gates will soon get a major overhaul. We’re all very exited, a new friend will join us next week...

 School holidays are so much better when Oma (grandma) is around...
 Making the most of the beautiful weather: Woolgoolga Beach. With a grandpa to fly the kite.
 Finding familiar letters. A, L, E, X for Alex, M for Mum, S for Sophie,...

 Little (angelic) rascal
 Almost winning
Opa (grandad) fixed, tweaked and pumped up all the bikes, no more training wheels.
Turns out Alex can ride a bike too!
 Waiting for the bus, who would take the grandparents back to the airport again.
Time to say goodbye.
It’s not often they see their grandparents in “real life”. But the time we have together is extra special. Two weeks of camping, walks, reads, sleepovers, games and tickles have made many happy memories to cherish.
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